APQC Assessment Tools

Are you performing at optimum levels across the organization? How does the cost of change compare with payback? How do you know? Does your organization have an effective and efficient knowledge management strategy in place and the ability to deliver against it? How do you compare internationally? Are you using the best structure for transactional processes? From high costs and slow cycle times to low productivity and customer dissatisfaction, organizations face challenges large and small every day where data are essential to make smart decisions. In some cases you don’t have time to wait—you need information that is just for you, just enough, and just in time.

A simple path to answers, tailored to your needs

With a range of online benchmarking resources and tools, we’ve made it easy for you to see what best-in-class looks like:

Assessment Tool Ability to define a peer group Requires my data Real time
Benchmarks on Demand Yes No Yes
Rapid Performance Assessment No Yes No
Open Standards Benchmarking Yes Yes No
KM Capability Assessment Tool No Yes No

We have solutions:

APQC helps organizations find practical, proven solutions to the challenges they face. We standardized how organizations think about processes independent of silos with the creation of the widely adopted Process Classification FrameworkSM  and Open Standards measures so that the world speaks the same language when comparing data. Built on the Open Standards database, the world’s largest database of benchmarks and best practices, APQC assessment tools provide our members with the data they need to make decisions quickly:

Benchmarks on Demand

Get instant, general line-of-sight data from an automated menu of benchmarks without having to collect your data. You define the peer group and get a customized benchmark report unique to your need.

Rapid Performance Assessment Tool

Provide your data and rapidly pinpoint areas for improvement with an online, fully automated tool that compares specific aspects of your organization’s performance with peers’ in function or process areas.

Open Standards Benchmarking

Get a comprehensive assessment with an unparalleled wealth of data to compare your organization’s performance with that of world-class organizations using APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking metrics.

Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool

Measure how well your organization manages its largest asset: knowledge. This tool gives you a clear picture of where your organization stands in APQC’s industry-recognized Levels of Knowledge Management MaturityTM to help you implement or strengthen a knowledge management strategy.