APQC's Board of Directors

APQC is privileged to have a talented group of industry and academic leaders ensuring our vision and mission continue to thrive throughout the world.

Included as part of our Board of Directors are:

  • George Bailey, Professor of Digital Innovation, Pepperdine
  • Saad Bargach, President, BRYSS Inc.
  • Erin T. Botsford, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Botsford Group
  • Robert H. Buckman, President and CEO (retired), Bulab Holdings
  • T. Jay Collins,   Board Member and retired President and CEO,  Oceaneering International
  • Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership, AirBnB
  • Robert F. Corrigan, Jr., Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Tor Dahl, President, Tor Dahl and Associates, Inc.
  • Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor of IT and Management at Babson College and Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business
  • John Friel, President & CEO (retired), Medrad, Inc.
  • Blanton Godfrey, Professor, College of Textiles, NC State University
  • Robert H. Hayes, Professor of Business Administration (Emeritus), Harvard Business School
  • Lisa Higgins, President and Chief Operating Officer, APQC
  • Roger Kearns, Member of the Executive Committee, SOLVAY SA
  • Peter J. Korsten, Vice President and Partner, IBM Global Business Services
  • Carla O'Dell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, APQC
  • Joaquín Peón, President, Gestión del Conocimiento, México
  • Tom Peters, President, The Tom Peters Group
  • William D. Ruckelshaus, Principal, Madrona Investment Group
  • Carl G. Thor, President, JarrettThor International
  • Peggy Vaughan, Director and Member of Audit Committee, Moneygram International Inc.

Audit/Executive Committee Members

  • Robert H. Buckman
  • Robert F. Corrigan, Jr.
  • Thomas H. Davenport
  • Lisa Higgins
  • Carla O’Dell
  • Carl Thor
  • Peggy Vaughan

Compensation Committee Members

  • Saad Bargach
  • Robert H. Buckman
  • T. Jay Collins

Investment Committee Members

  • George Bailey
  • Erin Botsford
  • John Friel
  • Petty Vaughan

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