Accelerated Knowledege

KM? That’s the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Dana Tessier | Director of Knowledge Management | Shopify

KM practitioners know that an effective knowledge management strategy can have an exponential impact on an organization’s performance - but how do you get there? Shopify's Dana Tessier's answer is one-part personal journey and another part learning about the power of culture and trust and having a growth mindset along the way. In this session, she will share how Shopify scaled its knowledge management strategy throughout a period of tremendous growth and continue to evolve it in an ever-changing environment.

Finding Big Ideas on Broken Roads

Lynda Braksiek | Director, Knowledge and Change Strategies | Collins Aerospace

KM is an entrepreneurial journey. It takes loyalty and the willingness to be agile and keep people at the heart of your strategies while embracing digital transformations. Collins Aerospace’s Lynda Braksiek will share the big ideas found along the broken roads of her life and her career in KM. Whether KM is in your title or in your blood…embrace broken roads, make YOUR choice, commit and be grateful.