Accelerated Knowledege

We Don't Dare Forget How to 'Stick a Landing'

David Oberhettinger | Chief Knowledge Officer | NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

If the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) did not launch a mission to Mars every five or 10 years, it would likely lose the knowledge of how to ‘stick a landing’. Join JPL CKO David Oberhettinger as he talks about some of the unique knowledge management challenges of JPL and how he sold his leadership on KM. He will share how you too can convince your fearless leaders to “dare mighty things” in KM.

What Life Teaches Us About KM

Jennifer Hawkins | KM & Collaboration Program Manager | Peace Corps

After 10 years of unsuccessful attempts to get its global KM initiative off the ground, the Peace Corps finally had to take a step back and get real with itself. It had to ask itself the tough questions. The Peace Corps’ Jennifer Hawkins will share with us how lessons from everyday life–our personal KM—became the Peace Corps’ guiding principles and led it on a journey to discovering its KM initiative's "must-haves." Armed with these must-haves, any organization can review, reset, revive, and re-launch its KM program.