Accelerated Knowledge

FailFest: Getting Comfortable with the "F" Word

Sarah Crass | Knowledge Management Advisor | World Vision International

It is easy to share success, but no one wants to admit the "F" word in a professional setting. FAILURE. Your knowledge-sharing programs aren't complete without it, so let's get comfortable saying fail. Let me share with you how World Vision uses FailFest, a virtual event encouraging staff to "fail forward." The event’s purpose is to expose organizational and cultural barriers to sharing and what the community is doing to break down those barriers, increase accountability, and implement lessons from the failure.

Riding the Storm of Change

Suzan Pickels | Knowledge Sharing Lead | ConocoPhillips

For 13 years, ConocoPhillips’ Knowledge-Sharing program was riding the wave of confidence. Proven by success and fueled by recognition, it was well-established, rarely challenged, and strongly supported. But then the tidal wave of the financial downturn came crashing down when crude oil dropped from $110 to $30 a barrel in just 15 months. There was fear, disillusionment, and distress. Stability and establishment fizzled as the wave of confidence disappeared. As we stood there, on land, trying to realize just what had happened, we knew we had some decisions to make. Ride the storm of change, and see how ConocoPhillips’ Knowledge-Sharing program has mirrored its business, re-evaluated what is important, and leapt into disruption to reinvent itself.