About Keynotes

Carla O’Dell
CEO and Author | APQC

As one of the chief gurus in knowledge management, celebrated author of three best-selling books, Carla O’Dell is at the epicenter of the best and brightest in KM. As CEO of APQC, Carla has a unique perspective about what really matters in KM and how to make it work for your organization. Renowned for her thought provoking and interactive presentations, Carla is consistently among the highest-rated speakers at conferences.

Cal Newport
Computer Scientist and Author

Thoughtful and often contrarian, computer scientist Dr. Cal Newport answers questions with a combination of case studies and actionable advice for today’s workforce. He proves why — for the majority of people — “follow your passion” is bad advice. He also offers “a wealth of concrete practices for the ambitious” (Wall Street Journal) to cultivate meaningful career skills and a “deep work” habit. Cal Newport is the author of the book, Deep Work, in which he argues that the ability to focus without distraction is a superpower in the multitasking, internet-obsessed 21st century economy. Newport regularly explores themes of work excellence and productivity for on his popular blog, Study Hacks. He is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, specializing in the theory of distributed algorithms. He earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2009.

Louis Richardson
Chief Storyteller IBM Watson Work & IBM Watson Talent | IBM

As IBM's Chief Storyteller, IBM Watson Work & IBM Watson Talent, Louis meets with clients and partners worldwide and share how social tools can deliver real business results. With more than 30 years of experience in the collaboration and document management industry, he has served in sales, support, consulting, and document production management positions. From this perspective he has seen how knowledge and information management approaches have changed, and most rapidly in the past several years.