APQC's 2015 Knowledge Management Conference program is jam-packed with sessions that take various formats. The formats are outlined below and provide more details about what you can expect.

Breakout Sessions

Attendees can select from 20 breakout sessions available throughout the conference. Participants are broken into smaller groups for hour-long sessions led by practitioners showcasing their organization’s successful programs and practices.

Keynote Sessions

This conference offers keynote lectures given by renowned  thought leaders and influencers. These presentations gather all conference attendees in a general session and last about an hour each.

Collaborative Café

Want to translate the jumble of new thoughts and ideas you’ve accrued during the conference into a cohesive game plan for improvement? Join us for an interactive exchange of ideas that will help you make sense of your conference experience and zero in on your key learnings. During this session, APQC will facilitate round-robin conversations around four topics. The session will provide opportunities to share what you learned during the two-day event, what your organization is currently doing in these areas, and which new ideas you would like to apply moving forward. You’ll also have a chance to hear what others found compelling, collaborate to refine your ideas, and build relationships for future networking.

Conference Brochure