APQC Research

APQC doesn't rely purely on past experience when we advise organizations. We reach forward and learn about the newest best practices, how successful organizations excel in the marketplace, and how successful leaders streamline their internal processes. We translate what has worked in the past into new ideas for the future.

Learn about the many ways you can access, customize, or participate in APQC research.

  • Best Practice Acceleration Toolkit—APQC’s Best Practice Acceleration Toolkits creates a custom and unique package for your organization to help jumpstart the rapid implementation of best practices.
  • Advanced Working Groups—Leading minds and prestigious thought leaders develop solutions for today's most complex business problems in a series of roundtable discussions and working sessions.
  • Custom Benchmarking—Can't find the information you need? We do the heavy lifting for you by connecting you with experts, gathering data, finding the latest research, conducting surveys, and more.
  • Benchmarking—APQC specializes in providing validated data and benchmarks you can use to compare and improve.

Learn about our additional research offerings.

  • Research Packages –Let us create custom content for your organization based on your needs, utilizing our wealth of internal knowledge and existing research on current best practices and trends across several topic areas. If we don’t have something already on the topic of your choice, we can apply our core methodology to collect information to help you.
  • Virtual Briefings –Based on your choice of focus area, our research team will summarize our content, trends, and findings from prior work to build a custom webinar and deliver it in an interactive, collaborative format to the audience of your choice within your organization.
  • Ask the Expert –Turn data into actionable results. APQC offers custom analysis of performance metrics with insights on what the data means and things to consider when deciding on business models, structure, transformation, technology, and more.