APQC Releases Three Industry-Specific Business Process Frameworks for Organizations to Compare and Measure Performance

Frameworks developed and donated by IBM in Support of Open Standards

(Houston, TX - April 14, 2008) - APQC, a global resource for process improvement, today announced the development of three industry-specific business process frameworks for the consumer products, electric utilities; and aerospace and defense industries. Based on APQC's renowned Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF), a taxonomy of cross-functional business processes intended to allow objective comparison of performance within and among organizations, and the support of IBM, the industry versions enable more applicable content by outlining and defining processes and activities specific to an industry. The industry PCFs as well as a newly updated cross-industry version are available at no charge for organizations to download at www.apqc.org/pcf.

"For over 15 years, APQC's Process Classification Framework has served as the organizing structure and common language to enable thousands of organizations worldwide to make apples-to-apples comparisons and to develop process improvement plans. Using this open standards approach leads to more objective, comparable and higher quality comparisons of business performance. The introduction of deeper, industry-specific models is a testament to the value and impact of the original cross-industry, open process model," said Carla O'Dell, president, APQC.

Leveraging the cross-industry PCF, industry experts within IBM developed relevant frameworks to enhance the value and incorporate industry-specific process nuances, such as the addition of a process step in the pharmaceutical industry to Plan and Manage Regulatory Approval. Three industry PCFs are now available for the consumer products, electric utilities; and aerospace and defense industries. An additional seven industry PCFs are scheduled for release in 2008.

"A PCF for our industry will allow us to take our benchmarking and improvement to the next level in our industry-specific processes.  We always get value when designing our processes when we build on best practices and shared definitions," said George Potts, vice president business transformation, Pepco Holdings, one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region serving 1.9 million customers.

IBM provided the subject matter expertise and intellectual property to create the industry specific business process frameworks.  As part of the company's continuing leadership in the promotion of open standards, IBM has donated the frameworks to APQC to help organizations evaluate and measure business processes at an industry level.

"IBM uses the Process Classification Framework as part of our methodology to evaluate business processes and determine relative performance against standard metrics. Comparing performance levels against peers and best-in-class organizations serves as a vital input into setting targets for performance improvement efforts for our clients and internally. The industry PCFs will enable companies to organize and benchmark their processes based on an open standard," said Kristen Pederson, vice president, IBM.

Initially developed in 1992 by APQC and a group of member organizations, the PCF has continued to evolve to meet the needs of organizations throughout the world and is updated semi-annually to reflect new enterprise categories, processes, definitions and key performance indicators.  All versions of the PCFs organize operating and management processes into 12 enterprise-level categories, including process groups and more than 1,500 processes and associated activities.

The PCF now forms the foundation of the  Open Standards Benchmarking CollaborativeSM (OSBC) research. Organizations can participate in complimentary research projects to determine their performance against other organizations in terms of the processes described in the PCF. In addition the PCF enables organizations to understand their inner workings from a horizontal process viewpoint rather than a vertical functional viewpoint.

To learn more or download the PCF versions, please visit www.apqc.org/pcf or call 800.776.9676.

About APQC

A global resource for process and performance improvement, APQC discovers improvement methods, identifies benchmarks and best practices, disseminates findings and connects individuals. Spearheaded by APQC, the global Open Standards Benchmarking CollaborativeSM (OSBC) research helps executives benchmark comparable business processes. Founded in 1977, the member-based nonprofit serves more than 500 organizations. For information, visit www.apqc.org or call 800.776.9676 or +1.713.681.4020.

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