APQC Named One Of The World's Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises-Global

(Houston, TX - December 9, 2008) - APQC, the leading nonprofit best practices research firm (www.apqc.org), was honored today by Teleos and The KNOW Network as one of the winners of the 11th annual Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study.

A panel of Global Fortune 500 senior executives and internationally recognized knowledge management and intellectual capital experts selected the 2008 Global MAKE winners. The panel rated organizations against the MAKE framework of eight key knowledge performance dimensions, which are the visible drivers of competitive advantage. The winners have been recognized as leaders in:

  1. creating a corporate knowledge-driven culture,
  2. developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership,
  3. innovation,
  4. maximizing enterprise intellectual capital,
  5. creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing,
  6. organizational learning,
  7. delivering value based on stakeholder knowledge, and
  8. transforming enterprise knowledge into stakeholder value.

Rory Chase, executive director, Teleos; Carla O’Dell, president, APQC; and executives from several recognized organizations will host a complimentary Knowledge Management (KM) Webinar on Thursday, December 11, at 10:30 a.m. central time to discuss the significance of the MAKE Awards and their key knowledge platforms. Register at:

“APQC is extremely proud to be one of 20 organizations recognized with the 2008 Global MAKE Award, a ‘who’s who’ of knowledge-creating organizations,” said O’Dell. “As one of the only not-for-profit on the winners’ list, APQC is pleased to be in the company of such great firms, many of whom we have partnered with and featured in our research. Winning this award is a testament to the collaborative efforts of APQC’s staff and the knowledge they create and share with our members and clients every day.”

APQC has partnered with more than 400 leading organizations in research and best practices studies and hosts KM Edge (www.kmedge.org), a portal that serves as a central repository of KM data and thought leadership. Additionally, next year, APQC will continue its 14-year tradition of having the best KM practitioners from around the world tell their stories of the creative use and measureable impact of KM when it hosts its annual knowledge management conference on May 14 and 15, 2009 in Houston.

The full list of 2008 Global MAKE winners is provided below.
1. McKinsey & Company (Global)
2. Google (USA)
3. Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands/United Kingdom)
4. Toyota (Japan)
5. Wikipedia (Global)
6. Honda Motor (Japan)
7. Apple (USA)
8. Fluor (USA)
9. Microsoft (USA)
10. PricewaterhouseCoopers (Global)
11. Ernst & Young (Global)
12. IBM (USA)
13. Schlumberger (France/USA)
14. Samsung Group (S. Korea)
15. BP (United Kingdom)
16. Unilever (Netherlands)
17. Accenture (Global)
18. Tata Group (India)
19. Infosys Technologies (India)
20. APQC (USA)
"These organizations have been recognized as global leaders in effectively transforming enterprise knowledge into wealth-creating ideas, products, and solutions,” Chase noted. “They are building portfolios of intellectual capital and intangible assets which will enable them to outperform their competitors now and in the future."
2008 Global MAKE study findings include:

  • Knowledge-driven organizations significantly outperform their competitors. For the 10-year period between 1997 and 2007, the total return to shareholders (TRS) for the publicly traded 2008 Global MAKE winners was twice that of the Fortune 500 company median.
  • The capability to innovate and create new products, services, or solutions is seen as the competitive advantage across a wide range of business sectors.
  • As a result of globalization, most key business sectors will have only three to five global leaders by the year 2010.

For a free executive summary of the 2008 Global MAKE Report, send an e-mail to teleos@mac.com.

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