AME/APQC Benchmarking Cop

Welcome to the AME/APQC Benchmarking CoP information page.

The AME/APQC Benchmarking CoP is an informal, organically grown CoP made up of individuals interested in benchmarking and related topics. This CoP provides you with:

  • a vehicle to share ideas and learn from peers about benchmarking,
  • a close network of peers to help in benchmarking initiatives, and
  • an ability to further the thinking and concepts of benchmarking.

CoP History

Sponsored jointly by AME ( and APQC (, these two organizations provide the guidance and resources needed to start this CoP, as well as a core group of founding members. The AME/APQC Benchmarking CoP will continue to be governed by an expanded steering committee (listed below).

  • Bill Baker, AME
  • Glenn Marshall, Northrop Grumman
  • Mark Palla, Raytheon Company
  • Bill Sacherek, The Boeing Company
  • Ron Webb, APQC

If you would like more information on benchmarking, please see APQC's Benchmarking Basics Collection.