Benchmarking is a key process-improvement tool used around the world by organizations wanting to gain true competitive advantage. Benchmarking is listed consistently as one of the key management tools on the mind of the CEO.

For that reason, AME and APQC have formed a strategic alliance to provide AME members access to APQC's performance measurement and benchmarking service, the Open Standards Benchmarking CollaborativeSM  research initiative.

The first joint effort under this alliance is to provide AME members access to the Supply Chain: Manufacturing benchmarking project. Through participating in this project, you will be able to better assess you manufacturing practices by comparing and benchmarking your efforts using a common set of measures related to costs, productivity, efficiency, and cycle time.

We have identified over $290 million in potential cost savings
through the data in the manufacturing database.
*Savings calculation based on an organization with $1 billion in annual sales revenue.

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Manufacturing assessment

Below are a few of the 35 total measures available via this database. These measures are normalized to allow for applicable comparison, and actionable to all you to identify specific areas for improvement within your manufacturing processes.

  • Total cost to manufacture per $1,000 revenue
  • Value of plant shipments per employee
  • Unplanned machine downtime as a percentage of scheduled run time
  • Manufacturing cycle time in hours

How It Works

Simply follow the link above to start the manufacturing assessment. You can revisit anytime as you gather data to complete questions, provided you do not delete cookies on your computer. Do not hit the “submit” button until you have completed an assessment.

Need help filling out the assessment? If you would like someone from APQC to walk you through the submission process, we would be happy to do so. Just send us an email at

There’s no limit to the number of assessments your organization can complete. You can participate in all assessments or choose to have multiple business units complete assessments for intra-company comparison of data. Each business unit that submits data will receive a customized benchmarking report, comparing them to relevant peer groups.

Participants must complete at least 50 percent of the metric questions (with valid responses) to receive the full benchmarking report.

Why should you participate?

Benefits include sound and actionable benchmark information that pinpoints where your company stands in comparison to peer organizations. You’ll receive the following items.

  • A detailed comparison of your responses versus those of your peers, all packaged in easy-to-read tables and charts. The data charts will feature your business entity's computed metrics as well as the aggregate performance of companies in the high, median, and low performance segments. *Individual benchmarking reports can be delivered within two weeks from the submission of final, validated data.

Your Data Is Protected and Confidential

AME and APQC affirm our commitment to keeping all company and personal information entirely confidential. Only the members of our joint research team will have access to this data, and your information will not be used for any marketing or sales activity.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

For survey specific questions:
Ron Webb
Executive Director, APQC
+1 (713) 685-4634