What to Expect When Working With Us

APQC’s Advisory Services team guides clients to identify the business problem to be solved to drive improvement in their organizations using process, performance and knowledge management approaches. We operate as “thinking and doing” partners starting with the first call by asking insightful questions to identify root causes, understand a company’s strategic goals, and uncover the smartest way to solve a business problem.

Over the years, our clients have shared many reasons why they turn to APQC and have talked about what makes us different. They’ve consistently told us that what they value most is our:


We are objective, trusted advisors. APQC is strictly focused on identifying and sharing knowledge, best practices, and benchmarks that drive improvement. We are the creators of the Benchmarking Code of Conduct and a five-time winner of the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises award. We do not sell software or technology solutions; we focus solely on sharing knowledge and unlocking organizational capability.

Senior Talent

Every engagement is led and staffed by seasoned professionals and recognized experts with in-the-trenches experience. In fact, we literally wrote the book for knowledge management and maintain the world’s most widely-used process model, the Process Classification Framework®. To ensure improvement is sustainable, we apply proven change management techniques for all projects.


We work in partnership with our clients. We encourage active client participation throughout to devote internal resources which will enable organizational ownership of the project and ensure it aligns to business strategy and objectives.

Sustainable Results

We develop approaches and project plans with a goal to solve the problem at hand, while expanding a team’s capabilities. This knowledge transfer approach and mindset equips client organizations to stand alone rather than building reliance on a third party and to leverage our team as trusted advisors rather than a crutch.

Expanded Network

Clients are often surprised by an added value of engaging with us: the ability to leverage our global membership of leading organizations. Our unique position as a member-based organization allows us to make professional connections between clients and organizations that are facing, or have faced, similar challenges.