Execute Programs and Drive Improvement

When assessments, strategies, and roadmaps are set, it’s time to focus on the projects that drive improvement. APQC’s Advisory Services team supports clients as coaches and thinking partners for all types of process, performance, and knowledge management approaches, projects, and initiatives.

We bring a wealth of experience and an objective perspective to evaluate a situation and business problem. We help clients identify the levers of innovation and ensure that projects deliver on expectations and tangible outcomes. Our experts outline the business problem, confirm that the approach makes sense, and document what will happen once a project is implemented or results are secured.

Clients often request support from APQC’s Advisory Services team to:

  • Align business processes to APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF)
  • Identify strategies and approaches to drive performance improvement through process
  • Design and launch a process or knowledge management approach
  • Create and utilize a knowledge map
  • Design, launch and sustain a Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Ensure organizational learning and expertise retention
  • Measure the impact of a process or knowledge management program

Regardless of the project, APQC’s team introduces change management techniques to prepare the organization for the project implementation and outcome. We tailor the program or project to an organization’s pace, based on how quickly internal capabilities may be built, funds may be available, or capacity may free up.

Because these types of projects depend on an organization’s specific situation, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs at any time.