Identify Where You Are Going and How You Will Get There

Whether an organization is focused on process, performance, or knowledge management, APQC’s Advisory Services team helps organizations develop a strategy and action plan (or roadmap) that aligns to the business strategy, drives accountability, and increases agility.

Typically, we work with clients in one of two capacities and sometimes both: a quick-start workshop that combines training with a custom “next steps” list, and/or a deeper-dive Advisory Services project to support execution.


For those just getting started, APQC’s intensive two-day workshops couple classroom training on strategy and program development with assistance from our Advisory Services experts, who conduct an after-action review and provide counsel on next steps.

  • Developing a Process Management Capability

Based on APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process Management™ framework, this workshop helps organizations identify key elements to include and activities to undertake as they develop a process management strategy and program. Topics addressed include benefits of managing by process and the types of approaches and structures required to ensure the right long-term impact on culture, productivity and decision-making.

  • Developing a Knowledge Management (KM) Capability

Based on APQC’s Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity™ model and Knowledge Management Framework, this workshop outlines the fundamentals and guiding principles of KM and the value proposition for enhancing the flow of knowledge in an organization.

Topics addressed include what knowledge will be needed to innovate and meet future customer needs, what market differentiators may be improved if knowledge was better shared or transferred, and what current challenges exist due to lack of knowledge.


If an organization would like more hands-on support, APQC’s Advisory Services team is here to help. Partnering with the client team, our experts assess current state, explore business strategy linkages, select pilot opportunities, define the strategy, and develop the plan and roadmap. Clients most often request support from APQC’s Advisory Services team to create a business case or develop a strategy for process, performance or knowledge management.

Additionally, APQC has packaged our best KM content to create three step-by-step roadmaps for clients. Clients may license KM implementation guides for:

  • KM Strategy
  • KM Measurement
  • Communities of Practice

As our strategy projects are highly customized, please contact us to discuss your needs.