APQC is excited for the inspiring keynotes to take the stage at the 2019 Process & Performance Management Conference. Read their descriptions and bios below and make sure you register to hear their presentations October 3 and 4 in Houston, TX.

apqc's 2019 ppm conference keynotes are:

Christopher Dancy
"The World's Most Connected Human"
Jane Walton
Jane Walton Consulting, LLCs

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Keynote Bios and Session Descriptions

When Life Doesn't Add Up: Hyper Connected and Happy

Christopher Dancy | The World's Most Connected Person

Eight hours of sleep, 30 minutes of exercise, EBITDA and retirement savings up and to the right. BMI higher, inbox lower, and projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We are living through a time where data and process drive us, and automation’s taken over where we don’t have the space or time.

What happens when the numbers add up, but life doesn’t? When the data stops working for us?

In this provocative session Chris Dancy, aka “The World’s Most Connected Person” (seriously google “Most Connected”) will walk you through the five things we need to stop measuring at work and home to not just improve performance but become more satisfied with our own bottom line.


Health and wellness pioneer, technology leader and entrepreneur, Christopher Dancy is frequently referred to as “the world’s most connected human.”

Since the early 1990’s Dancy’s career has spanned technical development of early web pioneers like WebMD before transitioning to process improvement consulting between for over ten years in his role as a SQL DBA, Knowledge Manager and ITIL practitioner.

He has been featured on the cover of Businessweek and as “patient zero in the digital health revolution” for the Showtime documentary series Dark Net, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the BBC, Fox News and Wired.

As a personal health visionary and innovator, utilizing up to 700 sensors, self-diagnostic devices, applications and services to track, analyze and optimize personal health management – from caloric intake to spiritual well-being, he is able to demonstrate the connections of otherwise invisible data and forecast a transformation that will soon take place in consumer health and nutrition, healthcare business and beyond.

His credits will include “author” with the release of a manifesto and autobiography via St. Martin’s Press entitled “Don’t Unplug - How Technology Saved My Life and Can Save Yours Too.”

Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over?

Jane Walton | Jane Walton Consulting, LLC

In nature, when the balance of an ecosystem is disrupted, some species begin to take over to the detriment of others.  This happens in business too.  When collaboration and connectivity are replaced with dysfunction and disengagement, people can become jellyfish, floating along, unable or unwilling to change course. Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over? builds on the idea of the workplace as an ecosystem that requires balance and constant change as keys to success. The parallels between natural ecosystems and work environments create an engaging, thought-provoking way for your leaders to learn about employee engagement, change management and organization design.


Jane Walton has been described as the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" of leadership advising. She is a published author, public speaker and organization development expert focused on change management, team engagement and development.

What do process leaders do differently?

During this interactive, thought-provoking forum, our panel of process and performance management (PPM) experts—APQC’s John Tesmer and Jeff Varney, along with PPM practitioners Carla Zilka (NexGen Advisors, LLC) and Paul Fjelsta (accomplir Inc.) will dive into key PPM challenges. Participants will use real-time voting to help guide the conversation alongside the experts.

Join in the conversation as the panelists and participants discuss:

  • Process maturity
  • Change management
  • APQC's Seven Tenets of Process Management
  • Frameworks
  • Digital Transformation

Session Panelists

Moderator - Jonathan Kraft

As a project manager for APQC’s Advisory Service team, Jonathan Kraft manages, researches, and reports on custom benchmarks, both quantitative and qualitative, as well as supports client projects focused on assessing and developing process management and knowledge management strategies and programs.

Jeff Varney

As a director and part of APQC's management team, Jeff Varney he works with clients to assess capabilities and performance, develop strategies and action plans, drive improvement projects, and conduct trainings and workshops.

John Tesmer

As director of the group responsible for managing APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking®database and the Process Classification Framework®, John Tesmer coordinates benchmarking projects and is responsible for innovation in benchmarking processes and development of APQC’s various process classification frameworks. 

Carla Zilka

With over 20 years of experience, Carla is a trusted advisor and expert in Business Transformation.  She is known for her methodology and toolkit that delivers outstanding results for companies to achieve operational excellence and improved profit.

Paul Fjelsta

Paul began accomplir® in 2003 to develop next-generation toolsets integrating Behavioral Science into process improvement & management. Over 10 years, these “integrated methodologies” have improved change initiative people-dimension outcomes and ROI.



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