APQC's 2018 Process and Performance Management Conference program is jam-packed with a variety of sessions. See the listing below for more information about what to expect.


Hands-on workshops led by APQC experts on topics ranging from process management essentials to the power of process frameworks. View available workshops

Choosing which workshop to attend could be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help. Look at our suggested workshop roles and tracks.

Monday through Wednesday workshops are priced separately and individually from the Thursday and Friday conference regitration price.

Breakout Sessions

Select from 25 breakout sessions with leading organizations, showcasing their successful process and performance management practices.

Breakout descriptions now available!

The breakout sessions are categorized according to five tracks that denote general topic areas. Attendees are not required to follow any single track and can move between tracks to choose the ideal combination of sessions to suit their needs.

Keynote Sessions

Hear inspiring keynotes by customer experience/performance management consultant Roy Barnes; Founder of Predictive Analytics World, Eric Siegel; and APQC’s experts, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, John Tesmer, and Jeff Varney. These presentations gather all conference attendees in a general session and last about an hour each.

Read about the keynote speakers, and their session descriptions.

Accelerated knowledge Sessions

You’ve experienced a TED Talk, right? Taken from that same format, our storytellers are given 20-minutes to grab your attention by sharing their narratives, giving you ideas and concepts that will be exciting and memorable. These are two 20-minute sessions that will change the way you look at PPM!

Learn about the Accelerated Knowledge Session speakers, and their session descriptions!

think tank sessions

Join like-minded peers during crowd-sourced think tank sessions to explore ideas and gather lessons. Lightly facilitated by seasoned process professionals, participants will build on each other’s ideas for concepts that can immediately be taken back to the office!

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