Keynote Presentation
8:15 - 9:25 a.m.

Eric Siegel | Founder of Predictive Analytics World | Author

Predictive Analytics: Delivering on Data Science's Performance Promise

The excitement over data science and machine learning has grown dramatically. But what is the value, the function, the purpose? The most actionable win gained from data is prediction. This is achieved by analytically learning how to use data render predictions for each individual. Such predictions more effectively drive the large-scale processes that organizations perform every day. In this keynote, Predictive Analytics World founder and "Predictive Analytics" author Eric Siegel reveals how predictive analytics works and the ways it delivers value by driving improved performance across organizational functions and sectors.

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Keynote Presentations
8:15 - 9:15 a.m.

Roy Barnes | Customer Experience/Performance Management Consultant | Trainer

Engineering Internal Customer Experience

Pilfer this presentation!  It’s time to steal the tools and approaches being deployed to improve external customer experience and apply them to your challenging internal customers. This presentation will provide tactical advice on how to use customer experience tools (e.g., intent statements, journey maps, feedback, and guerilla marketing campaigns) to design, execute, and monitor your internal customer experience plan.

Base on materials from his books “Customer Experience for Dummies” and “Customer Experience 365”, Roy will outline how to take lessons from customer experience management to improve internal customer and stakeholder engagement, including :

  • best practices of customer experience management,
  • 5 key tactics to get results within the next 30 days, and
  • methods to monitor and properly pitch your value to internal customers. 

Learn more about Roy Barnes by reading his bio.

Dr. Scott Muri | Superintendent | Spring Branch ISD - Exclusive for Education Leaders

Improving District Performance for a Better Tomorrow

Being a leader of a school system or working in the area of school improvement, the goal is to constantly improve your organization. Scott Muri will share his experience and lessons learned from the two districts he has served, Spring Branch ISD (Houston, TX) and Fulton County Schools (Atlanta, GA).  Each system had audacious goals for student learning. Scott and his two teams had to think diligently about what processes and systems to put into place in order to be more effective and achieve remarkable performance on behalf of the students. These decisions moved the districts from average to great, better serving the needs of children.

Often times education leaders have vast goals and visions, but the opportunity to think about processes is forgotten in public education. Scott will show how processes and systems enable school districts to get from where they are today to a better place tomorrow.

Learn more about Dr. Scott Muri by reading his bio.

Keynote Presentation
10:45 - 11:45 a.m.

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, John Tesmer, Jeff Varney | APQC

Future Proofing Yourself for the Digital Age

Being adept at Lean, Six Sigma, or business process management is no longer enough. With the accelerated changes in our business ecosystems brought on by demands for agility and the adoption of new technologies we risk losing our relevancy. However no crisis is without its opportunity. These same changes provide a unique prospect to advance the state of our art and make process and performance management a critical part of your organization’s continued success.

This thought provoking general session will be led by APQC’s process and performance management team. They will walk you through the evolution of our ecosystems and the critical skillsets and techniques you need to be successful over the next 5 years and well beyond.

Learn more about Holly, John and Jeff by reading their bios.


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