The breakout sessions for the 2018 Process & Peformance Management Conference are categorized into five topical tracks. Attendees are not required to follow any single track and can move between tracks to choose the ideal combination of sessions to suit their needs. Sessions are also blocked by the times offered. You may only attend one session per block, but follow-up materials for all sessions will be provided to conference attendees.

Wonder what's included in each track? Check out the track descriptions below. Breakout session descriptions will be posted early 2018.

Track Descriptions



Key Topics
Aligning for Growth

This track focuses on business integration and supporting the strategic goals of the organization.

strategic alignment, organizational strategy, governance, business integration, critical knowledge, and risk

Driving Decisions with Data

This track focuses on analytics and managing organizational performance to meet goals and identify improvement opportunities. 

benchmarking, performance measurement, data management, predictive analytics, and data-driven decision making

Managing and Improving Processes This track focuses on the optimization of underlying processes and how to achieve more efficient results. defining and improving processes, continuous improvement, process frameworks, process maturity models, and the value chain
Preparing People for Change This track focuses on overcoming organizational resistance and engaging the workforce in change initiatives. buy-in, communications, the change journey, employee engagement, and organizational resistance
Aligning Improvement to District Goals This track includes the benefits of process improvement and aligning to the strategic goals in the education industry. process improvement, strategic alignment, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement

Additionally, in order to help you decide what sessions to attend, we have included a couple session descriptors: presentation focus and session type. The presentation focus gives you an idea of what the presenter will focus on during the session – i.e. a concept, skill, case study, interactive activity, or other. Additionally, the session type lets you know if the session is going to be foundational, applied, or strategic. The session types are defined as follows:

  • Foundational: session provides a broad overview and understanding of a PPM program, skill, or technique
  • Applied: session focuses on the practical application of a PPM technique or approach with in-depth material or explanation
  • Strategic: session focuses on extensive application and implementation of a PPM approach, technique, tool, or innovation