Accelerated Knowledge Sessions

You’ve experienced a TED Talk, right? Taken from that same format, our storytellers are given 20-minutes to grab your attention by sharing their narratives, giving you ideas and concepts that will be exciting and memorable. These are two 20-minute sessions that could change your processes!

When Good Intentions Aren’t Good Enough

Adeeb Barqawi | President & CEO | ProUnitas

What began as one young man teaching physics to children in Houston’s poorest neighborhood, led to a decision that altered his life and the lives of children in that community forever. As a country, we have become program rich and systems poor, obsessed with quick wins that fail to get to the core of complex issues. Adeeb will guide you through how process and knowledge management can be applied to complex business and social problems. In a short period of time, ProUnitas has made a significant dent in systemizing how social, health and education services are accessed, coordinated and delivered.

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A Vision for Engaging Teams

Jamie Capehart | Manager of Organizational Development | The Goodway Group

Jamie Capehart is a true visionary. Listen as she shares her firsthand experience in bringing together disjointed improvement teams for amazing results. Learn how she was able to lead a change management initiative and innovate in a traditionally competitive environment. Love the story she’ll share about the bonds that were formed, continue to thrive and how Park Place Lexus is positioned for continued success.

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