2013 Knowledge Management Conference Workshops

Develop your knowledge management skills by attending one or more of the training workshops April 29 through May 1. These workshops will give you a solid foundation going into the conference plus additional peer networking opportunities.

Please note: Workshops are separate from the conference and require separate registrations and fees. You do not have to attend the conference to attend training workshops, and vice versa.

Knowledge Management Strategy

This workshop focuses on helping KM leaders and managers develop a firm understanding of the capabilities required to develop, implement, and sustain a KM program. This session uses APQC’s Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity℠ as the foundation for creating and managing processes that help knowledge flow to the right people at the right time so they can act on it and impact organizational performance. Workshop participants will learn about and apply critical processes and tools needed to deliver a KM strategy and roadmap for their organization.

Date: Two sessions being offered on Monday, April 29

Duration: 1 day

Credits: .7 CEUs

Facilitator: Jim Lee, Senior adviser, knowledge management, APQC

Knowledge Elicitation: An Approach to Retain Valuable Knowledge

This workshop is designed to explore the most effective ways of facilitating dialogue that draws out implicit and tacit knowledge. The skills developed can be used in all types of interviewee and interviewer situations, not just in remedial situations where colleagues are moving around or leaving the organization. The goal will be to introduce knowledge transfer at all parts of the employee lifecycle. Strategies for prioritizing and allocating resource and time in knowledge transfer to the most important situations will also be supplemented by techniques for eliciting knowledge from less critical, or “long tail” situations.

This course is not just methodology and tools. It will also equip attendees with practical knowledge elicitation skills, including several opportunities for practice. The workshop takes place over 1½ days, so that attendees are able to work on their own interview transcriptions, which will be produced overnight.

Date: Monday, April 29 through Tuesday, April 30

Duration: 1.5 days

Credits: 1.1 CEUs

Facilitator: Gary Colet, Facilitator, Knowledge and Innovation Network, part of Warwick Business School

Communities of Practice: KM’s Killer App

Communities of Practice (CoP) have become KM’s foundational approach. CoPs are important because they nurture and harness the raw material of this millennium–knowledge–in the service of your organization. This workshop will cover the ten traits of successful CoPs. The content and collaborative activities will allow participants to take advantage of the lessons learned, use proven implementation tools and approaches, and build on others successes and best practices for a quick start in developing a business case or reenergizing existing communities for their organization.

Date: Tuesday, April 30

Duration: 1 day

Credits: .7 CEUs

Facilitator: Darcy Lemons, Senior project manager, knowledge management, APQC

Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management

Measuring knowledge management (KM) helps an organization know where to focus efforts and where to invest. This workshop will focus on developing measurement approaches appropriate to your stage of KM implementation. Participants will develop and apply measures appropriate to the approaches they are using to enable knowledge sharing and transfer and demonstrate impact on the business. It will also focus on the KM measurement capability and the core processes required to develop a systematic approach for measuring the efficiency of KM.

Date: Tuesday, April 30 or Wednesday, May 1

Duration: 1 day

Credits: .7 CEUs

Facilitator: Chris Gardner, Advisory services, APQC

Prerequisites: 2-3 years of KM experience and have focused on developing and measuring the performance of KM approaches and activities

Knowledge Mapping

Creating a knowledge map with a detailed understanding of information and knowledge needs is critical to any knowledge management initiative, whether enterprise-wide or focused on a specific business process. This workshop focuses on the tactical steps and tools used to identify the knowledge gaps and find out where the knowledge can be used to enhance key areas of focus. Attendees should have a specific area of need or process in mind to attend this workshop.

Date: Wednesday, May 1

Duration: 1 day

Credits: .7 CEUs

Facilitator: Travis Colton, Senior project manager, APQC

Change Marketing: A Different Way to View Change

Learn how to apply successful marketing concepts in the area of change execution. Either the speed of adoption or full realization of change initiatives lie in the choices people make and the resultant behaviors that are expected.  Learn how to identify and define both and focus your change initiatives around them. As a result of this course, participants will know where and when to apply critical change execution techniques in their own areas or organizations as well as the key roles needed to ensure success.

Date: Wednesday, May 1

Duration: 1 day

Facilitator: Greg Gibbs, PPM consultant, coach, and instructor

Suggested Reading: Managing at the Speed of Change by Daryl Conner


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