2013 Knowledge Management Conference Breakout Sessions

Choose from 16 breakout sessions led by the world’s leaders in knowledge management. To help guide you through the full descriptions below, we have blocked the sessions by the times offered and include the topics covered in each session. You may only attend one session per block, but follow-up materials for all sessions will be provided to conference attendees.


BLOCK 1: THURSDAY, MAY 2 11:00AM-12:00PM

Changing the Game: Driving Adoption Through Gamification

The use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts has been gaining enormous momentum. Join Accenture for a "gamified" session with fun activities and prizes. The Accenture team will show that a well-thought-out and sustainable approach to gamification has enormous potential to make collaboration and knowledge sharing fun and engaging. Learn how use techniques that can change the game when it comes to getting people to collaborate.

Organization: Accenture

Presenters: Thomas Hsu, Global Knowledge Management and Stephen Kaukonen, Senior Manager

Topics covered: Knowledge Creation and Innovation, Collaboration, Measurement and Analytics, Building a KM Program

Change Management Matters: Practical Tools to Strengthen Your KM Initiative

The power of KM to transform the organization is lost without careful attention to change management.  Aspen Technology's Knowledge Management team will present a set of practical KM-based change management tactics and best practices along with guidelines on how and when to use them. Specific techniques will include as-is interviews and surveys, developing and using profiles, crafting a messaging strategy based on the profiles and as-is assessment, measuring perception, and highlighting champions as they emerge.

Organization: Aspen Technology, Inc.

Presenters: Kim Harvell Glover, Knowledge Architect and Tamara Viles, Senior Knowledge Analyst

Topic covered: Building a KM Program

Transferring Critical Knowledge to Maintain Competitiveness

When experts leave a company or retire, they take with them important knowledge and know-how that the company is left to try and build back up again. This was the case at Kraft, but was further magnified by the announcement of plans to spin-off the North American grocery products. To enable each company to successfully compete and operate independently, there were many areas where knowledge needed to be shared and/or transferred. This presentation outlines Kraft’s approach and process to identify, capture, and transfer critical institutional knowledge from critical experts. You will also hear about some of the issues facing the company today that result in loss of critical knowledge and other challenges that have been faced during this initiative. Kraft will also describe the concerted effort to drive more documentation across R&D that has resulted in a monumental increase in technical reports being filed.

Organization: Kraft Foods Group

Presenters: Nanako Mura, Associate Director Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property and Jean-Francois Tendron, Founder, Kadrant Ltd.

Topic covered: Knowledge Elicitation/Transfer of Knowledge

Social Network Analysis Applied to Communities of Practice

The growth of communities of practice and its membership within Marathon Oil started with a come one, come all approach. Its organic beginnings yielded plenty of success. However, social network analysis has uncovered new ways for improving connectivity across CoP’s. Pairing this information with HR data revealed opportunities for creating network lynchpins and power influencers. This presentation shows the tools and analysis used for creating a plan to improve knowledge sharing in Marathon Oil’s communities of practice. 

Organization: Marathon Oil

Presenter: Tony Melendez, Knowledge Management Specialist, Technical Excellence Department

Topics covered: Measurement and Analytics, Enterprise Social Media, Collaboration


Integrated Knowledge at Transpetro: Creating a KM Program for a Petrobras Organizational Unit

Following the institutionalization of a KM strategy at Petrobras, it was decided that a KM strategy for the engineering area of Transpetro, a full subsidiary of Petrobras, would be implemented based on the areas’ characteristics and the generational gap among its members. The purpose would be to enable resource optimization and increase the synergy among its 180 professionals distributed in eight centers all over the country. Using knowledge mapping, they were able to identify individuals with absolute knowledge, and find out what critical knowledge was already explicit and what activities could and could not be contracted out. Join Petrobras for a look at the challenges that had to be overcome and steps taken to create this program. They will also overview the critical success factors and deliverables to come out of this program.

Organization: Petrobras SA

Presenters: Duílio Fedele, Manager and Raquel Balceiro, Knowledge Management Coordinator 

Topic covered: Building a KM Program

Linking KM Activities with Strategy and Enabling Project Prioritization Using Hoshin Kanri Concepts

Linking strategy and related KM activities can be challenging. Leveraging tools and learnings from the Hoshin method, Pfizer Global Supply’s Network Performance Strategy (NPS) group uses an x-matrix tool for prioritizing projects and linking their strategy, projects, metrics, and results for KM activities. This interactive session, will show how an x-matrix development workshop could be facilitated and methodologies for prioritization of projects.  During this session we will walk through completing an x-matrix, and discuss applying metrics, governance, and cadence to sustain the process. There will also be a short, interactive workshop session during which attendees will will engage in a prioritization exercise to better understand the nature and use of the x-matrix.

Organization: Pfizer Global Supply

Presenters: Paige Kane, Director Knowledge Management and Robert Gergen, Director Finance Strategy Planning

Topics covered: Building a KM Program, Measurement and Analytics

Best Practices in Socially-Enabling a Global Workforce

Unisys, which designs, builds and provides “mission-critical” technology and services for organizations worldwide, has made a significant commitment in deploying new social computing technologies within its own global enterprise. Discover how Unisys is leveraging social tools and processes to improve connection and workplace collaboration among its 22,000 employees, drive operational efficiency, streamline innovation processes, and increase marketplace agility.

Organization: Unisys Corporation

Presenter: Gloria Burke, Director, Knowledge & Collaboration Strategy and Governance

Topics covered: Enterprise Social Media, Collaboration

Refining Knowledge -- A WIKI’D way to Promote Engagement 

Using the constructs of an award winning knowledge sharing framework, the Phillips 66 company is on track to drive greater usage of its web-based encyclopedia, Wiki 66. Wiki 66 is the company’s online encyclopedia. It enables employees to distill basic data and refine their knowledge into re-usable insights and wisdom. But how can companies drive engagement? Capitalizing on the energy and natural curiosity of summer interns, Phillips 66 encourages its summer employees to pair up with subject matter experts to leave knowledge footprints for others to follow while hooking regular employees into becoming wiki users.

Organization: Phillips 66

Presenter: Yvonne Myles, Director Knowledge Sharing

Topics covered: Collaboration, Knowledge Creation and Innovation, Knowledge Elicitation/Transfer of Knowledge


Crowdsourcing Business Innovation with IdeaJam

IdeaJam is a web-based application that facilitates the capture and socialization of ideas. Join Ernst & Young as they present how their global Transactions Advisory Service’s (TAS) Innovation Program uses IdeaJam to innovate and deliver more value to their clients. They will share how they have built awareness and acceptance for the program, challenges they have faced directing and shaping ideas, judging innovation, and rewarding ideas. They will also discuss the program’s potential intersection between idea generation and collaborative brainstorming, and knowledge harvesting/sharing to yield significant benefits.

Organization: Ernst & Young

Presenter: Brent Uken, Global TAS Innovation Leader

Topics covered: Knowledge Creation and Innovation, Collaboration

Value Case Community of Practice – an ExxonMobil Example

ExxonMobil’s Knowledge Management Consulting group created a SharePoint Site Collection Administrator (SCA) Community of Practice (CoP) to assist with routine SharePoint related Q&A, site design, site management, and best practices. The CoP membership grew rapidly, which is voluntary but encouraged, from 20 members to more than 2,500 in a short period of time. Discover what factors contributed to the initial and continued success of this CoP.

Organization: ExxonMobil

Presenters: Jennifer Witthoft, KM Consultant, Laura Mortensen, KM Consultant and Mary Sullivan, Senior KM Consultant

Topics covered: Building a KM Program, Collaboration

I Have a Knowledge Management Tool, Now What

Build It And They Will Come” is a philosophy that rarely works for companies who want to implement a tool for knowledge management. “Executive Support,” a codeword for “You must use the tool,” similarly fails to excite users to participate more than the minimum required to meet a KPI. What can an organization do to improve its usage rate, the quality and type of information stored in its systems? EDP Renewables will explain how it used techniques like surveys, A/B testing, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and meta data search to improve participation for its collaborative environment.

Organization: EDP Renewables

Presenters:  Stephan Blasilli,  Manager

Topic covered: Content and Information Management, Measurement and Analytics

Expertise Location in the Social Media Age

What’s the best way to surface knowledgeable people inside your organization? How do you connect employees with information and expertise to get their questions answered? Are social media and advanced analytics really changing the game when it comes to expertise location? Earlier this year, APQC set out to answer these questions by surveying more than 100 organizations and taking a closer look at a handful of top-performing firms. Join us to hear our findings and gain insight into which tools and techniques are most popular, which are most effective, and what you can do to strengthen your expertise location strategy.

Organization: APQC

Presenters: Darcy Lemons, Senior Consultant and Lauren Trees, KM Research Program Manager

Topic covered: Enterprise Social Media, Collaboration, Expertise Location

BLOCK 4: FRIDAY, MAY 3 11:00AM-12:00PM

Tapping into the Collective Mind with Jams, Visioning Sessions, and Wikithons

As the knowledge sharing program at ConocoPhillips has matured, they have been able to offer transformational services to tap into the “collective mind” for business improvements, strategy development, and knowledge creation. These services include hosting global jams to crowdsource the future direction of corporate functions and the company; facilitating visioning sessions to help groups understand major issues and challenges to discover business-value solutions; and organizing wikithons to connect employees in a fun, social environment to contribute knowledge content that dramatically grow a corporate wiki. Join ConocoPhillips as they share the how-tos, successes, and opportunities that have helped transform the business to be more productive and innovative.

Organization: ConocoPhillips

Presenters: Tim Wilmot, President & CEO, KNOWSO, Evita Hollis, OneWiki Specialist and Andrew Felton, Network Specialist, ConocoPhillips

Topic covered: Knowledge Creation and Innovation

Improving Findability in the Enterprise

Enterprise search can make large collections of content available to more users and, in doing so, it makes it more difficult to ensure that users can actually find what they're looking for. Enterprise social networking tools can improve findability by bringing more users together virtually and allow for simpler many-to-many conversations. Deloitte has implemented an enterprise search engine covering more than 1 million targets, along with an enterprise social networking tool that enables users across Deloitte to interact and post questions. During this session, Deloitte’s team will cover specific case studies of how social search is becoming more prevalent and how enterprise social networking tools can be used to specifically improve the findability of content within an enterprise search solution. They will also provide detailed insights on actionable analytics which can improve search results, and suggest how information architecture can be used to improve findability.

Organization: Deloitte Touche

Presenters: Lee Romero, Portal Program Lead

Topics covered: Enterprise Social Media, Content and Information Management, Collaboration, Measures and Analytics

Ramping the Knowledge Transfer

New field sales and service employees at Nalco undergo a rigorous training and knowledge transfer program beginning at onboarding and continuing for their first six months of employment. The program is designed to ramp their chemistry, engineering, and problem solving skills quickly, allowing them to become valuable contributors in servicing the customer-base. This presentation will explore aspects of the training program that prepares these new field engineers for their careers, and the continuing educational opportunities to develop deep technical expertise.

Organization: Nalco an Ecolab Company

Presenter: Daniel Flynn, KM Manager

Topic covered: Knowledge Elicitation/Transfer of Knowledge

Applying the Perfect Mix of Process, Technology, and People Solutions

Built on two decades of applied KM experience, Northrop Grumman has built a suite of KM solutions that are supported by the business and thriving. What they credit for the success of their solutions is the backing of the organization and the perfect mix of process, technology, and people solutions. During this session, Northrop Grumman will share specific examples of solutions that have made it easier for employees to share knowledge. 

Organization: Northrop Grumman Corporation

Presenters: Scott Shaffar, Director, Global Quality and Marisa Connell, Program Integration Manager, Fire Scout MQ-8C

Topic covered: Building a KM Program