2012 Process Conference Training

Develop your business process management skills and gain a solid foundation for the conference with workshops being offered October 22–24. These workshops are designed as stand-alone courses and neither is a prerequisite for the following. Workshops last for whole days, so you can sign up for only one course per day. 

Monday, October 22

Process Management

Attendees in this one-day workshop will develop their understanding of process management from real-world case studies and examples as well as APQC subject matter expertise. The workshop is organized around APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process Management, a framework for understanding and assessing an organization’s process management capabilities. After participating in the workshop, attendees will be able to identify their organization’s process management capabilities and begin charting and developing process management goals and approaches. 

Tuesday, October 23

Process Frameworks and Cross-functional Processes

Building on process management fundamentals, this one-day workshop introduces attendees to process frameworks such as APQC’s Process Classification Framework. Attendees then develop skills in process framework design and cross-functional process identification and documentation. Attendees in this dynamic and highly interactive workshop leave with the ability to adopt and customize a process framework and document cross-functional process models from a process framework.

Process Performance: Measurement, Control and Maturity

The process performance workshop prepares attendees to understand process performance measurement and develop performance measurement systems. Attendees develop measurement information worksheets, identify characteristics necessary to normalize the data, and identify the appropriate measures to use in various situations.

Wednesday, October 24

Process Definition

In this tactical workshop, attendees develop process definition and modeling skills using tools such as Process Definition Documents, SIPOC models and RACI charts. Attendees should come prepared to learn the theory behind the tools and their practical application. After completing this workshop, attendees will productively apply process definition and mapping skills to common business processes.

Process Improvement and Integration

Attendees to the process improvement and integration workshop will leave with the tactical knowledge they need to establish and operate a process management practice at their organization. Individuals will take part in case study reviews, learn from real world experience, and participate in interactive discussions with APQC subject matter experts and other participants. The subject matter includes benchmarking, lean and six sigma, and the integration of process management and knowledge management.

*Note: This is an advanced course for attendees with significant process management experience.

All training courses will be led by APQC process management experts and skilled trainers, John Tesmer and Jeff Varney.


Pre-conference training is separate from the conference and require separate registrations and fees. You do not have to attend the conference to attend training, and vice versa.