2012 Process Conference Suggested Presentation Topics and Content

2012 Process Conference Call for Presentations


The breakout sessions will be framed by APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process Management and should provide the foundation for your presentations—you may choose to briefly address all seven tenets, or share your approaches in one or a few areas. The review team will be looking for initiatives implemented in a variety of business functions (Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management), and/or enterprise-wide. Please make sure you mention your initiative’s scope (function-specific or enterprise-wide) in your abstract. 

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Tenet Suggested Topic Ideas
Strategic Alignment
  • What is the business case for process management?
  • How do your work processes align to your organization’s objectives and help reach strategic goals?
  • How do you integrate process management into your organization’s business model?
  • Demonstrate direct connections and points of alignment between actual work processes and strategic objectives.
  • How do your end-to-end process definitions align with measures that  reflect customer needs?
  • Provide definitions of roles associated with process management.
  • How do you assign ownership and accountability for process activities?
  • How are budgets allocated?
  • Share any policies and procedures created around process management.
Process Models
  • What approach did you use to define your processes?
  • Share your process framework (hierarchy or decomposition of processes).
  • How did you determine core vs. supporting processes?
  • Show an example of your organization’s or business unit’s process model (how processes are managed across the organization or unit).
Change Management
  • Share your change management approach.
  • What messages did you use to communicate the value of the revised processes and strategy?
  • How did you get buy-in at all levels, from C-suite to the front line?
  • What communication tools did you use to deploy your processes?
Performance and Maturity
  • How are you measuring your process management efforts and processes?
  • Share any levels of performance and maturity you have defined.
  • Where are you now, and where do you hope to be?
  • How do you demonstrate your progress to gain executive, cultural, and financial support?
Process Improvement
  • What steps are you taking to assess and improve your process management effort and processes?
  • Are you engaging in benchmarking efforts internally and/or externally?
  • How do you identify best practices in your processes, and what steps are you taking to achieve them?
  • What resources do you turn to? APQC or other?
Tools and Technology
  • How is technology enabling process standardization and automation?
  • Which tools and technologies are you using?
  • Share how your tools are helping the work force to better contribute to improvement efforts.
  • Do you employ any measurement tools or technology to track performance progress?