2012 C. Jackson Grayson Quality Pioneer Medal Winners

The judges selected the 2012 winners of the C. Jackson Grayson Distinguished Quality Pioneer Medal from a pool of nominated candidates who have made extraordinary contributions to furthering the cause of quality in their organization or sector. They have used management processes, measurement activities and collaborative teamwork to achieve productivity and other beneficial enhancements to their organizations' performance and mission.

The 2012 Winners of the Grayson Medal Are:

  • H. James Harrington, Chief Executive Officer, Harrington Institute
  • Deborah L. Hopen, President, Deborah Hopen Associates  
  • Dr. Michael Perich, Consultant, Systemwide Continuous Improvement Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)


H. James Harrington

Chief Executive Officer, Harrington Institute

Dr. Harrington serves as the President of the Walter L. Hurd Foundation, the U.S. Chairman of Chair on Technologies for Project Management at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and Chairman for the Advisory Board for the e-TQM College in Dubai. He is recognized as one of the world leaders in applying performance improvement methodologies to business processes. Dr. Harrington writes regular columns for the Quality Digest Magazine.



Deborah L. Hopen

President, Deborah Hopen Associates

Deborah Hopen has over 30 years of experience in total quality management. She has served as a senior executive with experience in general management, quality assurance and quality control, training, human resources, organization development, research and development, process engineering, and accounting. She has been president and chairman of the American Society for Quality and currently is the editor of ASQ's Journal for Quality and Participation and contributing editor of ASQ's Six Sigma Forum magazine.



Dr. Michael Perich

Consultant, Systemwide Continuous Improvement Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

     Currently Dr. Perich is serving as a consultant to MCPS and in that capacity provides leadership and professional development for continuous improvement. He also has been instrumental in moving MCPS to become a process centered organization by providing leadership and expertise in the area of process management and improvement. All MCPS offices, departments, and divisions have identified their key work processes and utilizing a planning tool that classifies inputs, guides, outputs, and enablers (IGOE), have identified the interrelationship and interdependency of key processes throughout the organization. Dr. Perich led the development of four Baldrige award applications; two for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and two for the United States Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Award.