U.S Postal Service is Leveraging Its Strengths: Is Your KM Program?

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It is probably old news to you, but I was taken aback to read an article in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) written August 4, 2014 by Laura Stevens. It said that Fed Ex and UPS use the U.S. Postal Service to deliver many of their ground packages, and Amazon is leveraging our dear old USPS, too. According to the WSJ, “For FedEx alone, the post office delivers an average of 2.2 million packages a day, or about 30% of the express-mail company's total U.S.

Do Supply Chains Adapt Fast Enough to Changes in Market Conditions?

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The complex nature of doing business in a global market can be a challenge for organizations’ supply chains. Supply chain experts have encouraged organizations to become adaptable so that they can maintain an advantage over competitors, and many companies have responded by stepping up their efforts. Organizations are turning more toward data visibility, data analysis, and collaboration to enable them to better anticipate market changes.

5 Reasons Your Process Improvement is Likely to Fail

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Harold Strawbridge, Director of Innovation of Inglis talks about the keys to building the right kind of process map such as asking the right questions, finding the right people to do it, and keeping people engaged in process improvement.  Harold will be a presenter at the 2014 APQC Process Improvement Conference October 16-17.

You can find Harold on Twitter @strawbridge3rd.

What Great Innovative Companies Have in Common

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I recently talked to Claude Legrand, managing partner of Ideaction, Inc. to find out what makes companies leaders in innovation and what makes other companies struggle.

APQC: What sets successful companies in innovation apart from the rest?

Taking Agile Beyond Software Development (Infographic)

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Though Agile’s roots are in software development organizations, changes in the business environment (e.g., growing power of customer, rapid pace of technology, and shorter business cycles) are driving organizations to look at additional ways to apply Agile. Components of Agile’s methodology (e.g., customer collaboration, rapid production, and flexibility) allow organizations to address many of the changes in the business environment. This infographic explores some of the key characteristics of Agile that can be applied to other functions like project management or marketing.

What Scarlett Johannson Can Tell Us about the Future of Mobile Technology

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“I’ll build a computer and download my knowledge in it,” says Scarlett Johannson in the new movie Lucy. Yes, this is a sci-fi film with a fantastical premise, but when I heard this line my brain went straight to thinking how mobile technology can enable effective knowledge and content management. Let me tell you how I got there.

5 Ways To Get Leaders to Buy Into Change Management

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The most memorable words of advice I’ve heard for people leading change is to play out your hunches; roll with the punches; and make the best of what comes your way. It’s catchy and easy to say, but much more difficult to figure out the science and art of “hunches and punches.”  How do KM leaders get leaders at all levels in the organization ready for changes that inevitably come from building a program focused on helping knowledge flow? 

Going Slow Can Cost a Lot

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APQC recently published an article entitled End-to-End Mapping of an Order-to-Cash Process. The idea was to illustrate the workflows in each stage of the end-to-end process as well as depict how upstream activities can have an impact—positive or negative—on the ultimate speed at which inventory is converted into cash.

9 Ways to Create Better Content Management (Infographic)

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Today’s content management scene is teeming with a variety of tech tools, vendors, and advice, but what really works to connect people to what they need, when they need it? To find out, we asked 494 professionals about how their firms manage enterprise content. This infographic presents key findings for nine enablers of enterprise content management effectiveness.

4 Strategy Execution Mistakes Companies Make When Benchmarking

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Mitchell Weisberg, Managing Director of Lumen, Inc. talks about solving the most common challenges to getting and keeping your organization on the path to high performance when benchmarking.