9 Ways to Create Better Content Management (Infographic)

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Today’s content management scene is teeming with a variety of tech tools, vendors, and advice, but what really works to connect people to what they need, when they need it? To find out, we asked 494 professionals about how their firms manage enterprise content. This infographic presents key findings for nine enablers of enterprise content management effectiveness.

4 Strategy Execution Mistakes Companies Make When Benchmarking

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Mitchell Weisberg, Managing Director of Lumen, Inc. talks about solving the most common challenges to getting and keeping your organization on the path to high performance when benchmarking.

Does Your Business Process Model Have Too Many Rules?

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I was able to talk to Ronald G. Ross Co-Founder & Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC and Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal Business Rules Journal, about how to build a better business process model and why having too many rules can be a problem.

What is the main reason people still focus on making traditional process models?
We’ve turned so quickly into a knowledge economy that many people simply haven’t adjusted. You naturally try to stay in your comfort zone when the world around you is abuzz with change.

Knowledge Management Spotlight: How Microsoft Improved Decision Making and Customer Loyalty

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Jean-Claude Monney, global KM lead at Microsoft Services, discusses the links between KM strategy, execution, and culture.

Conquering Procurement Begins With Cost Effectiveness

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Tuesday, August 5, APQC will be hosting a webinar to discuss the results of its research on how top performers in procurement compare to other organizations. APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement data was used to identify procurement top performers as organizations with high performance in four core areas:

What ‘The Secrets of the Grown up Brain’ Can Tell Us About Having A Happier Outlook

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I always have my eye open for research that might tell us more about how to leverage the expertise in our organizations, from novices to experts.  I stumbled across The Secret Life of the Grown up Brain (2010) I appreciated the highly readable, research-based and optimistic account of the (then) state of the cognitive, social and emotional development of the brain over a lifespan.

Why Your KM Culture is Failing (It’s not What You Think)

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So the question is: “Culture or structure?” Now many of you may have heard the phrase, or its variant, something like: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If that’s so, then certainly at the very least culture must be having structure for lunch then.

Changing Process Culture Using PCF

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APQC is very fortunate to enjoy the multitude of uses of our Process Classification Framework (PCF). The APQC membership uses the PCF to breakdown siloed organizations, and Professional Services firms use it with their clients to make sure they are talking the same language and drive apples to apples comparisons.

PCF July Mailbag: Aligning PCF to ITIL, flowcharts, and better way to compare versions of PCF

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In the July episode of the PCF Mailbag I discuss mapping and alignment between the PCF and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for IT processes, why the PCF doesn't use flow charts, and an easier and simpler way to compare older versions of the PCF to the most recent one.


If you have questions you want answered in our next PCF mailbag email me at jtesmer@apqc.org

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DKv1ERgrZ4