3 Huge Problems With Your Enterprise Wiki (It’s not What You Think)

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Want to get a content management geek fired up? Start talking about wiki software. The wiki can be a place to store definitions for our corporate acronyms and jargon, a spot to post reports and meeting minutes, and a space to store information about past projects.

Top Three Approaches to Grow and Leverage Technical Expertise

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In my last post on making the most of technical expertise, I talked about three knowledge gaps technical leaders are contending with: turning mid-career employees (aka “nex’perts”) into experts, speeding up the learning curve for novices and new hires, and creating new innovations and solutions. Earlier this year, APQC surveyed more than 750 people to find out what they’re doing to close these gaps and which tools and approaches are most effective.

Why is managing the change process in KM so hard?

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Admittedly, I have carried a banner (and passion) for knowledge management (KM) for 2 decades. APQC’s research and hands-on work with our members has resulted in a proven framework and a formula for successfully implementing KM; yet we hear time and time again of “failed” KM implementations. We go into strategic design and planning knowing that one of the 2 variables in every KM implementation is culture. And, still, how people react to KM is what keeps us up at night. What gives?

Knowledge Management Spotlight: How Gamification Can Identify Unwritten Rules in KM Program

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Lisa Austin, Manager, Knowledge & Information Management, and Georgette Suggs, Document Management Specialist -- KM, from Williams and Bush Brothers & Company talk about unwritten rules that will make or break your KM program, how leaders create unwritten rules, and how KM Gamification can help.

You can contact Lisa Austin at www.thekmcoach.com


Knowledge Management Spotlight: Accenture Shows Why KM Taxonomy Is Critical

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Sue Baktis, Senior Manager with Accenture, talks about how vocabulary, standardization and buy in from key stakeholders are the keys to building the right knowledge management taxonomy.  She also explains how to create good taxonomy that will help boost business goals.

The Innovators from 2014 Edison Awards

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It is no secret around APQC that I am a big fan of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and CEO and Chief Designer SpaceX and SolarCity.

Not only is he a remarkable engineer, designer, and visionary (check out the products he has developed here), Musk is committed to making the world a better place. He is a “giver” in the parlance of Adam Grant’s book Give and Take.

Oil and Gas Leaders Say Finding STEM Talent Top Priority (Infographic)

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Job growth is booming in the oil and gas industry. The Hays Oil & Gas 2014 Global Job Index showed an increase in available oil and gas jobs in the first quarter, and strong growth is expected throughout 2014. But oil and gas still faces a significant shortage of skilled talent. Industry job boards have grown considerably as firms compete to attract the talent they need.

Top 10 Reasons Knowledge Management Communities of Practice Succeed

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I was recently asked to ruminate on the warning signs of a failing community of practice and it occurred to me that maybe a better topic to start would be the de(signs) of CoPs to keep them from failing in the first place. After all, if you do these things first, you won’t have to worry as much about the failure of your CoPs in the future. Besides, I can always pontificate on the signs of failure later (for those who didn’t heed this advice). So with that in mind, here’s a list of our Top 10 ways to design in success.

All CoPs should have:

Don’t Fear Hackers: Leveraging STEM Experts and Creating New Knowledge at Houston Open Innovation Hackathon

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Many industries contend with shortages of scientific, technical, engineering, and math (STEM) experts. Especially here in Houston, we hear a lot about public and private efforts to promote STEM education to bring future experts into the pipeline.

How Knowledge Management, Big Analytics, Johnny Manziel, and the Cleveland Browns Collided

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Okay, truth be told, this blog is really about big data analytics and the Cleveland Browns. However, if you’ve read even this far, then you’re probably either a Browns fan or a Browns hater. It really doesn’t matter to me which though, so long as you keep reading because it really is an interesting intersection of the two. Moreover, the rest of the story is more about the use of knowledge anyway (or in this case data).