HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby: Strategic HR Partnerships—Why They Matter and How They Can Be Developed

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In conjunction with the release of our Strategic HR Partnerships Best Practices Report, APQC is conducting a series of interviews with people who have experience with and are thought leaders on the topic of strategic HR business partnerships.

Leadership: What's Your Opinion?

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Forbes wrote an article on the top qualities for leaders today. But what is the state of today's organizational leadership?

Strategic HR Partnerships: How to Develop and Maintain the Business Partner Status

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APQC and other survey results show that few HR functions are working closely with business leaders to set and deliver upon organizational strategy. Most HR functions only occasionally engage with internal client leaders in a business partner, strategic advisor capacity. What are strategic HR partners doing differently compared to all other organizations?

Workplace Design: How Does It Affect Employee Performance?

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APQC recently remodeled our Houston, Texas office space! Much of the remodeling focused on updating the current space to ensure employees were comfortable in their work environment so they could do their best work.

Work Force Planning: How Much Time Does Your HR Spend on It?

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Work force planning is the process of ensuring that an organization has the talent it needs to accomplish strategic business goals when the organization needs it. Spending time on work force planning can drive the competitive advantage of an organization. A successful work force planning exercise identifies talent supply gaps for critical positions and generates strategies to develop and/or recruit talent to fill those gaps.

The Importance of Quality Supply Chain Management Professionals

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What are the unique challenges to filling positions in supply chain? A recent article in Supply Chain Digest emphasizes the demand for supply chain professionals and the benefits afforded those who choose the profession. The article notes that the demand for supply chain talent outpaces available supply. How are organizations recruiting and managing quality supply chain management professionals?

Free Shared Services Benchmarking Recording

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Do you have questions regarding how the human resources shared services industry performs on key metrics related to:

Benchmark Your Recruiting Practice

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HR benchmarking metrics are growing in popularity, but they’re typically expensive and difficult to get. You can gain a lot of insight from this information though. Benchmarking helps organizations understand where they stand compared to others in their industry. This information can allow them to improve, develop, and make key decisions. For example, benchmarking metrics can show areas of weakness; using this insight, businesses can figure out what to do to progress.

The Leadership Skills Disconnect from the Employee Perspective

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Michael Kirsten, a B2B content strategist of Kelly Services, in collaboration with APQC discussed the survey results of the Kelly Global Workforce Index-The Leadership Disconnect on Wednesday, May 8th.