Best Practices Studies

What Is an APQC Best Practices Study?

An APQC Best Practices Study is a research project bringing together two groups of cross-industry organizations: one whose processes are considered “best practice” and those who are looking for innovative approaches to improve. Study participants will learn firsthand from the best-practice organizations who will share the “how” behind their success.

APQC facilitates each study, bringing its best practices models, methods, research, and subject matter expertise to the project. Study participants attend a series of virtual and face-to-face meetings over a three to four month period. During the study, participants have a hand in shaping the scope, selecting the best-practice organizations, and developing data collection tools.

Recently Completed Studies

Here are two of our most recently completed studies:

  • Transformational Change-Making It Last
  • Connecting People to Content: Create, Surface, and Share for a Smarter Organization (The content from this study is in embargo. The final report will be released in Jan. 2015)

This unique learning experience allows participants to:

Get real answers

  • Learn firsthand about leading-edge best practices and innovations
  • Obtain access to recognized experts for guidance
  • Adapt best-practices examples to transform organizations

Build a network of peers

  • Collaborate with peers from a variety of industries to gain a unique perspective
  • Establish a network for ongoing communication and implementation assistance

Save time and money

  • Reduce the time and dollar investment required to conduct best practices research
  • Get the highest standard of benchmarking results at the lowest possible cost

Don’t see any study topics that fit your needs? Visit our research agenda for a listing of our upcoming research topics and contact us for more information and pricing.